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The Robotnut collection as seen at Canada's National Museum of Civilization

Robots Among Us Exhibit at Windsor's Community Museum

The Robotnut collection as seen at Canada South Science City

Toy Robot History
A brief history of toy robots by Darryl aka The Robotnut

Favorite Links
Check out some of the Robotnut's favorite links !

The Classic Robot Gallery !

The Classic Robot Gallery contains one of the web's best
collections of Classic Robot pictures !

The 60's Space Toy Gallery !

The 60's Space Toy Gallery contains favorites like
Billy Blastoff, Matt Mason, Zeroids and Ding-A-Lings

Robotnut's Personal Collection

Take a look at Darryl's ever growing collection...

The Robert Lesser Collection

As seen at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry 2005

The Kitahara Collection

As seen at Disney's Epcot Center March 2004

John Rigg's Robothut

You have to see it to believe it !

The collection of Jose Martinez

Welcome to Planet Robot

Be sure to visit Planet Zeroid.

Home of the new animated feature, Return to Planet Zero !

The Robot Art of Ken Netzel

Cool computer generated robot images

Andy Created a NUMAN

This Brit builds Daleks and other original robots

The Collection of Martin Quigg

Truely a great collection of high quality robots

Do you have a great old picture of you and your toys ?
Email it to Darryl and see it HERE at www.robotnut.com

Click below to see Radbot with some of his toys in 1968
Bob Jenson's great Christmas Pictures
Sean Bowley, a Robotnut from Down Under

John Rigg's early collection
David Kirk's collection from 1963

Joe Lacey with his Mego Gigantor 1972
John Lacey's Captain Lazer 1969

Andy and Jim Hill with a Horikawa Fighting Robot
Steve Alford with his Robot Commando 1962

Laurie and Mike LeBlanc
Nice early 60's pictures

Michael Dean with Attacking Martian 1967
Bart Nelson and his grandfather 1969
Jeff Johnsen with his Bandai Explo Robot 1973

Gregory Mason with his Zoomer 1955
Michael Greene's Cragstan Mister Robot 1969
Scott "Cragstan" with his Christmas Bots 1967

Steve's Mego Gigantor 1972
Dana and his Ideal Robot Commando 1962
Dale Fabrigar's cool Christmas Picture from 1969

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